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The One Social Media Platform I Don’t Want To live Without

One of my favorite sites of all time for marketing and connecting with people is linkedin. I use it for all kinds of resources and love to keep up to date with others who are just as interested in business as I am. I would even say it needs to be part of your article marketing strategy as well.

So I wanted to put together a list of some great articles that I have found and love on the topic of linkedin. Hopefully I cover most of the topics you would want to find and learn about when it comes to linkedin, and if I missed something let me know and I will add it.

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Linkedin Is A Solid Business:

There is no doubt that linkedin is not like any of the other social media platforms out there. But there is no doubt it is one of the strongest ones out there. As far as business model and the amount of money you can generate online is no joke. You have to love the way they positioned themselves.

Revenue Up 105 Percent To $167.7M

Why Wall Street Likes LinkedIn More Than Facebook – Forbes

LinkedIn makes a push for more content with new developer tools | VentureBeat


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LinkedIn Can Build Your Business: 

I have come across more business partners on linkedin. I have even started hiring people for my outsourcing from linkedin. I use to go to elance and other places to find people to help me accomplish things within my business, to where now I turn to linkedin. Do not miss out on the opportunity you have at your fingertips to grow your business.

10 Linkedin tips for building your business

8 Ways Employees Can Improve Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence

7 Ways To Prospect For New Customers

Why LinkedIn is More Valuable than Facebook – Forbes

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business | Fox Small Business Center


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Linkedin Helps With Finding Jobs

On LinkedIn Jobs, candidates not only find open positions that match their interests, but also get background information on the job poster that can help them tailor their cover letter. More importantly, job seekers can learn which of their existing professional contacts can introduce them to the hiring manager or recruiter — or to someone who knows these key contacts. Candidates who come referred by a company employee have a significantly higher chance of landing a job than those who apply via traditional Internet job boards.

True Story, Linkedin got me two great jobs

20 Reasons Why LinkedIn Will Be the #1 Recruiting Portal of the Future –

Job Seekers – LinkedIn Learning Center

LinkedIn Launches Relationship-Powered Job Network | LinkedIn Press Center

How do you look for LinkedIn jobs? – Task

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LinkedIn Helps with marketing

LinkedIn Marketing  involves using this social media network to connect with your industry peers, gain leads and expand your business. LinkedIn is a social media network where business professionals go to network. LinkedIn marketing strategies are great for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. LinkedIn provides a platform for getting vendors, raising funds, getting a job and asking questions. Here are the best LinkedIn marketing strategies of 2012-2013

LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter [New Data]

Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For 2012 -Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Marketing – Business Online 360

How to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool | Social Media Marketing Tips and WordPress Website Design

LinkedIn Marketing for Local Business

LinkedIn Marketing – 5 Tips for Network Marketers |


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Linkedin Profile Tips

How To Empower Yourself on The New LinkedIn – Forbes

Take Your Profile to the Next Level with These LinkedIn Profile Tips | Linkedin Profile Service

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers | Human SEO Blog | Excira

How to Get Up To 500+ LinkedIn Connections in 30 Days

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For Recruiters (Part 1)


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